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Welcome to my first ever personal blog post!

I can't even tell you how much I've been anticipating this,

I honestly just had a writers blog a couple months ago when I wanted to start a blog and quickly gave up. It took me 2 months to think "YOLO", I've already started an Instagram that took off crazily in only 2 months, why wouldn't the blog be a success?

I vow to write as much as I can, about as much as I can, go on adventures that I will share, with pictures, videos, links and love!

I cannot wait to become more "professional" in this fierce blogging world, to create a following, and to have faithful subscribers.

To you that is reading this short introduction, THANK YOU, thank you for supporting me from the very beginning, and I hope that you will enjoy every single piece of this blog.

Do not hesitate to contact if you feel the need to give me tips, tricks, advice, positive criticism, love, and of course, recommendations!

I salute you all, my spanking new Mermaid Squad,

I will come rapidly with tons of articles and blog posts,

Yours Truly,

Glowing Mermaid

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Who Am I ? 

I am your typical Swiss girl, I grew up in Geneva but I am currently attending the "Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne"!

Blogging, writing, taking pictures of things that I love is my passion and I am here to pursue that. 




- Open minded people

- Makeup

- Bags

- The beach

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