June's Discovery : Bilou

Bilou is this gorgeous German woman that launched a couple months back her bath products in Switzerland. They are exclusively sold in Manor.

Those "douche mousse" are simply fabulous on the outside since the packaging is simply adorable but they are even better on the inside! The smells are to DIE FOR, I mean Vanilla Cake Pop??

To be very honest, when I heard about these, I was very skeptical, I mean, how can soap smell like "Creamy Mandarin"???? Well, I would not have purchased all four if I wasn't convinced! These literally smell as described.

Talking about texture, I remember when I was a kid, I used to love restaurants that had a mousse soap dispenser, I thought that was the coolest thing. And honestly, outside of a bubble bath or watching men shave, having such a moussy texture in shower products was not common for me. So imagine me, as a happy kid, as I washed myself for the first time with this glorious whipped cream-like soap.

Thank you Bilou, I can't wait to see what else you have in store for your next launch, I am officially a fan.

P.S: Please translate your website to french or English! I want to read your story!!

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