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I recently did a lush haul in Geneva that I commented on two separate Youtube videos! But of course, I am an undying lover of lush and between then I did grab a couple new finds! Those will be further on the article! I will explain each item and why I adore them or why I won't repurchase others.

If you never heard of Lush and all that it stands for, here is a small recap: Lush is a cruelty free cosmetic brand that creates lots of magical things for your body. Most of their products are vegan (if you're into that) and entirely natural. I challenge you to find one chemical in their products. They always stuck to those values and i loudly applaud them for that.

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So here is my love letter to those recent products:

I love Juicy:

This shampoo has the most amazing and fresh smell ever! It's literally a fruit smoothie with shampoo agents somewhere in the mix. It has made my hair very soft and clean for four days without even looking gross for a second before that. (Extremely rare for my hair type!!!)

Definitely will get a larger sized bottle when I finish this one!


Just like I love juicy, this is great for greasy hair! It's called rehab since its especially made for dried up and broken hair! (Came back from the beach with a broom instead of your normal soft hair? This is for you!!) The smell is just as amazing as the previous, also a repurchase for me!

Curly Wurly:

I have quite thick and long hair, and usually when I dry them after a shower lightly then put them up in a bun, they usually get this great wavy look. But when I want them to have a long lasting wavy look, I use Curly Wurly, (in french La Grande Boucle). This shampoo is mainly coconut and other summer scenting ingredients. I swear this pot smells like vacations on the beach. The texture is really bizarre and squishy but that is probably because of the coconut oil! If you have curly hair, this is supposed to amplify and nourish your curls to make them look shiny, bouncy and perfect!


Onto conditioners! When I came back from holidays, my hair where as dry as straw with a lot of split hairs, so to repair them, the vendor at the Lush in Geneva recommended that I use Veganese for a while. Fun fact, this conditioner was initially made for Vegan's. Since they don't get all the nutrients because of their special diets, their hair are usually pretty damaged, and this gives all the peps that it is missing. I am glad to say that for a couple weeks now, my hair is back to its normal texture, I have no more split ends and I did NOT cut a millimeter of them to achieve that!

I might get another bottle when this one finishes but in the same small format since my hair doesn't need so much repairing all the time.

American Cream:

These jewel will also repair your hair, but it is not his sol purpose, this will make your hair shine as if it were the brightest star in the world!! Its absolutely insane the difference that it makes! And the smell, it smells like a freshly backed vanilla cake.This is also a repurchase for me in the largest format possible! A must.

Sunny Day:

This is a spray that de-tangles and make your hair static free! Personally the de-tangling part was what caught my eye! Sometimes when I sleep with my hair down, I wake up with the most massive knot in the back of my head, so this definitely comes in handy often! And the fresh lemon smell is very pleasant as well. There is a lot of product in the bottle and a lot goes a long way so maybe in 4 years if they don't discontinue this, I shall get it again!

Hair Custard:

This product I have very mixed feelings about. The smell is divine, its smells like a crème brulée. But, the first time I used it, I put in in my hair strait after the shower and I think I applied it really well, putting this gooey yellow mustard looking paste on my hair in strains, combing it in with my hands. I added a little argon oil. I then gave myself a blow out and my hair looked like the hair of a lion, they had SO much volume, it was crazy, I ADORED it. But the next five times I put it on, I thought in the same manner, the goo created clumps of hair and wouldn't separate, just like a dread lock, I had to wash it out to be able to comb it out. The result wasn't similar either, so I am very conflicted about it. If anyone of you have this and have found a way to avoid these mishaps, please write to me !!

Damaged Hot Oil Treatment:

The hot oil treatment i haven't used yet honestly, but I have heard only amazing things about it. You are supposed to make it melt in a mug and stir it thoroughly and then apply it on your dry hair. You then let it sit for 20 minutes, you then wash your hair as per usual and TA-DAH, your hair is repaired!

I shall update this or put a step by step article about this when I use it !

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The video:

Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner:

Now these Lush body Conditioners have become a real staple for me. If you have never tried a body conditioner before, OMG run for your life and go and grab one! Basically this a new step in your normal shower routine, except after you washed yourself, you step out of the water (or just turn it off a minute, whatever floats your boat) and you apply this cream looking thing all over your body. It will transform your life! If you are a lazy loser like me and you hate putting on hydrating cream and waiting for hours for it to sink in, this will change your life. This body conditioner is your new lover, it will make your skin so soft for hours on end and all you have to do is apply it and rinse it in the shower.

Life transformed yet?

You're Welcome.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, this is basically argon oil, lots of other great hydrating agents and a very floral and pleasant scent.


To cut it short, bath bombs are BOMB.

They transform your bath into a galaxy of cosyness, pleasant smells and glitter. And of course, when you get out of it, you smell just as good, you sparkle and your skin is as soft as a baby's bottom.

If you are still not convinced by my amazing sizzling pictures, go ahead and go to your local lush to sniff those balls of heaven and pick the one that you love the most.

The Experimenter:

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Dragon’s egg:

Sex Bomb:



Now this is a bubble bar, you have to crumble it up in your bath and it will create a field of glittery bubbles like you have never seen before. Only a little is enough, so these are amazing when it comes to multiple uses! I have seen an instragramer chop hers into powder and putting them into jars in a way to use just enough (I thought that was genius).

MMMelting Marshmallow Moment:

Aaaah the luxury bath oils. As you can see, those are so amazing that I took two of each. These tiny pucks of oil are ideal if you need deep hydration This will transform your bath into a soft oil treatment for your skin. They are definitely worth the splurge!

You’ve been Mangoed:

Floating Island:

2nd video:


Sesame Suntan Lotion SPF10:

This baby is quite the good trick! To be very honest I didn't see it was only a 10SPF before I edited this picture (Which was after I sunbathed my pale white sun-depraved skin in the sun all day...) But surprise! No sun burns? Is it magic ? Probably! I got really lucky, don't do the same.

But the sunTAN lotion, has melamine inside it which will encourage your skin cells to tan, or something like that. AND you will smell like an Asian salad sauce all day! So much plusssees.

Will repurchase next summer, most definitely.

The Sunblock SPF30:

Yes now this is the real sunblock part! So this is SPF30 so unless if you're like my brother ( a pure ginger that becomes red if he doesn't put anything over SPF50) This is perfect.

Remember the REVOLUTIONARY body conditioner I was raving about earlier? Well this is the same concept. When you shower in the morning and you know you are just going to throw on a bathing suit and go chill at la playa or the pool, what you do is: After you washed yourself, just like a tablet of chocolate, you cut off a square of this, you then lightly let it melt under the water and then lather yourself up with it. You then rinse it of And ta-daah ! Your are fully protected from the sun!

The vendor did tell me that you can retouch your solar protection throughout the day with the Sesame Suntan Lotion.

Genius idea, so much easier than putting cream in the sand! Will re-purchase.

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Other item's will follow but you'll think Im creepy if the list continues any further as it should!

I hope you enjoyed and that a couple products cached your eye! I would love to hear from you if you already tried or made the jump to try some of these!

Yours Truly


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